Field Study
Le Tour Glacier, Mont-Blanc Massif, French Alps, September 2007


Funded by the iNOMAD Award 2007, this field study involved staying in a mountain refuge high in the Mont-Blanc massif beside the le Tour Glacier. Explorations across the glacier’s surface were undertaken on foot – observations began at dawn and ended beyond dusk. Captivated by the light of the place, the Surface Study work was made in response to the illumination of the glacier’s features throughout the changing lights of the day. The Glacial Vocabulary work draws on research gathered prior to the trip and afforded an opportunity for the project to engage scientists, mountaineers, writers and geographers.


Glacier du Tour: Surface Study 1

This book-object examines the subtleties of the glacial landscape, the play of light on the surface of the glacier and concealed depths. Constructed from crevasse lines observed on the glacier’s surface, the effect of underlying structures are visually explored.

Glacial Vocabulary 1 pdf

Supplied by a unique collection of people, these lists offer a range of interpretations about glaciers. This element of the project is part of an ongoing enquiry into the written description of natural landscapes.

Field Study – Glacier du Tour

Day One

Refuge Albert 1er [alt. 2706m]

Col du Passon [alt. 3028m]

Day Two

Tête Blanche [alt. 3429m]


Expedition Advisory Centre, Royal Geographical Society, London
Scott Polar Research Institute, University of Cambridge