Academic Research and Development
MA Communication Art and Design, Royal College of Art, London, 2006 – 2007


This work is a response to field trips to the French Alps and research into the science of glaciology. The natural structures and properties of glaciers have been used as a method to re-think the structure of a book. The work is not intended to be representational; instead, it is the ‘reader’s’ observation and physical interaction – with every surface of the book – which articulates the content. Intending to expand the ways we communicate content, this project moves away from the conventions of encyclopaedic knowledge; facts are given space to breathe and, in opening up multiple narratives, they become ideas.


Snowfall: accumulation and compression study

This book presents a tactile reading experience as the object performs under the influence of the reader’s hand. Air trapped between the pages and the increasing density of layers allow the shape of the book to be manipulated.

Glacial Blue: colour study 1

An experimental book that uses reflected light to capture the colours observed in glacial ice. The arrangement of the pages and the quality of the light source affect the appearance and intensity of the colours. It is the blue cast on the white surface of the pages that most effectively describes the shifting hues of glacial blue.

Crevasse: volume study 1–3

These books examine the relationship between the surface fissure and the internal structure of a void. Externally, the page edges are disrupted by the form of the interior space, shadows denote depth and the reader is impelled to peer into the book.

The Formation of Glacial Ice: letterpress print

Experimental work that explores the relationship between a natural process and a print process. The letterpress print is composed using a mass of tiny units. The accumulative layering of ink on paper creates a surface with movement and depth.


Field Trips

Argentière, Chamonix Mont-Blanc, France [23rd – 31st Aug 2006]
Observing alpine valley glaciers in the summer.

Centre for Glaciology, University of Wales, Aberystwyth [5th – 7th dec 2006]
Met with glaciologists Prof. Michael Hambrey, Dr. Richard Essery,  Dr. Bryn Hubbard and postgraduate research students. Attended PhD mini-conference and IGES Research Seminar.

Argentière, Chamonix Mont-Blanc, France [31st jan – 7th feb 2007]
Observing alpine valley glaciers in the winter.